Why regular dental check-ups are so important
Why regular dental check-ups are so important

Along with the daily home brushing & the flossing routine, regular dental check-ups play a vital role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Indeed, twice-yearly visits to your dental practitioner will minimize the prevalence of long dental issues and handle immediate problems before they are allowed to develop more. Regular check-ups will catch the first warning signs of decay or infection, whereas skilled cleansing by a trained practitioner helps to eliminate any hard-to-remove plaque or tartar.

Preventative dentistry is term several patients acknowledge because it is the best way to take care of their mouth, teeth and gums. Regular dental visits and cleanings enable you the chance to treat dental illness before it starts or to catch it early enough therefore it remains treatable rather than an intensive problem. Keeping patients’ cavity free is satisfying for both patients and doctors than treating dental disease!

Here is a list of reasons why you should make it a point to visit your dentist at least twice a year:

Early detection of oral cancer

Periodic dental visits are essential once it involves the first detection and hindrance of oral cancer. Additionally to cancer screenings, regular dental checks provide a vital safeguard against the direful unwellness by distinguishing early warning signs, leaving swift intervention and treatment. If detected in its initial stages, oral cancer is in several cases utterly curable.

Gum disease prevention

Gum illness is the inflammation of the gums close to the teeth. It’s one among the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. It doesn’t merely have an effect on your oral health however in line with studies, has conjointly been joined to cardiopathy and stroke. If untreated, it may cause major dental issues that need root canal medical care, extraction or surgery. The most reasons why most of the people develop gum illness are poor oral hygiene and poor attention to oral care.

In addition to a routine oral hygiene program, regular check-ups at the dental practitioner can considerably cut back the chance of gum illness developing beyond the initial stages. Gum illness can still be treated using minimally invasive ways if detected at an early stage.

Professional cleaning

Going for skilled cleansing by a dental practitioner is one among the foremost effective ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The dental practitioner or hygienist utilizes specialized hand-held tools like scalers and polishers to get rid of plaque, a colorless film of microorganism that causes cavities. A decent prophylactic clean helps to induce eliminate hard-to-remove plaque – before it hardens into calculus – and greatly reduces the chance of cavities. Whereas the scaler effectively removes soft deposits of plaque that forms on the surface and between the crevices of your teeth, the polisher removes the smaller plaque particles and provides the teeth a good buff.


For every check-up appointment, the dental practitioner keeps a record of your dental condition, observation and charting any abnormalities or diseases thus on ensure that appropriate action and follow-up is being administered in step with stipulated timelines.
More frequent visits could also be scheduled, on top of the typical 6-month interval checks if you’re at higher risk of oral diseases. You ought to consult your dental practitioner for an initial assessment and recommendation on the frequency of visits that’s needed based on your specific dental condition.

Dr. Deepinder Singh Duggal is committed to providing the best health and dental care available within a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our patients and provide services that are customized and appropriate for each individual.

No matter your current state of dental health or feelings about your teeth, we are experts at helping move patients down the path to complete comfort and optimal dental health, function and aesthetics.

Dr. Deepinder Singh Duggal is dedicated to providing customized care to the discriminating needs of his patients. He offers options for your path to optimal dental health for a lifetime. Each patient is served on an individual basis with plenty of time for treatment and discussion of each visit to insure a comfortable, professional and personal relationship.

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