Best Doctor. Treats you like family. Will surely suggest his name to family and friends.

Mrs Sukhdev Hunjan (Multiple implants)

My daughter Shrutika fell from the bicycle and broke her front tooth. As a father of a 10 year old girl I was very concerned of her looks and smile. When we met Dr Deepinder he promised me that he would restore my daughter’s original smile. 45 minutes later I was surprised to see my daughters tooth look just real. Dr Deepinder did keep his promise!

Vishwas Gote (Cosmetic filling)

I had immense pain in my lower wisdom tooth since one week. Had visited a dentist in my area who said it was complicated extraction and would have to call a surgeon. He scared me saying that the nerve was very close to the tooth. I decided against doing any treatment there. My mother then took me to Dr Deepinder, since one friend of hers had a similar situation. He really made me at ease and reassured that nothing would complicate. He performed the surgery in 20 minutes and the best part is that I didn't even have any swelling after the surgery. Kudos Dr Deepinder

Bharti Gaikwad on (wisdom tooth extraction)

Whenever I looked at the actors on television I wondered if ever I could get such teeth with a beautiful smile...… Thank you Dr Duggal for making my dream come true. You gave me the picture perfect smile that I always wanted.

Mrs Sujata Shinde (Cosmetic treatment with Ceramic Crowns)

I had a great experience receiving treatment from Dr Deepinder for my Implants! He conducted the whole treatment with the utmost respect & professionalism. The entire dental practice is very clean & the staff is very helpful. I would recommend anyone to go to his practice. They are in safe hands.

Ranbir. S. Bhatla (implant supported overdenture)

Excellent work and very high-end equipment! Totally impressed! Keep up the good Job!

Dinesh rajput (root canal treatment & Lava crowns)

The best wedding gift my fiancé could have. Thank you Dr Deepinder for giving her such a wonderful smile and helping her regain her lost confidence once again.

Ketan Patel (smile designing for his fiancé)

It was a good experience with the doctor. He is really expert in his job.

Mehrdad Ebrahim (cosmetic fillings)

Never thought I could have such beautiful teeth and such a picture perfect smile.

Navnath Pingale (smile makeover with ceramic veneers)

Very good work. Very honest. I love my dentist.

Mrs Vinita Rege (dental Implants)

He is the most likeable & trusted doctor. The BEST for our family.

Siddak Makkad(pediatric dental treatment)

Good Experience. All the information regarding the treatment was provided beforehand. Friendly nature of Dr Deepinder makes treatment very easy.

Sameer Nadgauda (Re-rootcanal treatment, Lava Crowns)

Dr Duggal is friendly, co-operative, sincere and very good in nature.

Mrs Urmila Nadgauda (Dental Implants, Root canal treatment, ceramic crowns)

The treatment done is Very Good. Dr Deepinder Duggal and his team are very friendly and co-operative.

Ashmeen Kaur (orthodontic treatment)

Dr. Deepinder Singh Duggal is very sound in his subject, does not advise unnecessary treatments to the patients, and has very good ambience in his clinic.

Mohan Aina on (Root canal treatment & Ceramic Bridges)

Dr Deepinder  Duggal has been our family dentist for many years now. Our experience has always been excellent. I had multiple filling in my teeth last year. Doctor has been very accurate with detecting all my fillings as it was clearly not easy to detect. His work has been excellent. He always strives for perfection and it clearly shows. His practicality and professionalism is sincerely appreciated.

Rukshana Billimoria (cosmetic fillings)

I got six implants at one go. This was not easy as I have deformity on the left side of my jaw. Dr Deepinder Duggal took up the challenge did a wonderful job. Not once in 5 years I have had any problem with my teeth. I thank him with all my heart and wish him the best in life. Thank you, doctor.

Pratibha Mohan (Dental Implants)