Single Sitting Root Canal
Single Sitting Root Canal

The naturally occurring space inside the root of a tooth is termed root canal. It consists of the pulp chamber, the primary canal and elaborated anatomical branches that connect the root canals to every other or to the surface of the root.

For several root canal is usually a preferred choice rather than extraction; it saves the tooth and assures that it remains healthy and intact. Root canal treatment helps in the removal of diseased tissues from within the tooth and thenceforth filling and sealing the root canal space. Traditionally, root canal treatment was performed in multiple visits, with the use of additional disinfecting agents besides the irrigants that is used throughout the cleanup and shaping procedure that primarily aims to scale back or eliminate microorganisms and their by-products from the root canal system before obturation.
Today in the Hectic and fast paced lifes, people get pressurized from multiple dental visits, so at 32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic Pune, we aim to minimize your time and get you a root canal treatment in just a single day. No scheduled Multi Appointments means less visits to your dentists and our painless procedures wont leave you with the horror pains too.


Dr. Deepinder Singh Duggal is committed to providing the best health and dental care available within a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our patients and provide services that are customized and appropriate for each individual.

No matter your current state of dental health or feelings about your teeth, we are experts at helping move patients down the path to complete comfort and optimal dental health, function and aesthetics.

Dr. Deepinder Singh Duggal is dedicated to providing customized care to the discriminating needs of his patients. He offers options for your path to optimal dental health for a lifetime. Each patient is served on an individual basis with plenty of time for treatment and discussion of each visit to insure a comfortable, professional and personal relationship.

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