Happy National Dentist Day! #dentistinpune #32pearlsdentalclinicpune.com
Happy National Dentist Day! #dentistinpune #32pearlsdentalclinicpune.com

Dentists are undoubtedly, unsung heroes.The dentist is not the person most of us look forward to seeing. Contrary, the dental Chairs are perceived as horror by most of children’s. So we observe on 6th March, National Dentist day in order to give our heroes the recognition, they deserve.

A Background of Dentistry:

The first recorded Dentist in the history is Hesy Ra, and he is believed to be practiced his dentistry around 2600 BCE in Egypt. Before Dentist’s, barbers were the part-time dentists, and they entrusted with the unsavory job of extracting teeth

The Modern dentistry came into existence during the 17th century. Nowadays, dentist’s holds the major place in every nation’s Medical and health system. In addition to caring for people with tooth/gum problems, they also perform surgeries to correct the misaligned teeth and other problems related to the jaw and the oral cavity.

What can you do on this Occasion:

One of the most heart touching deed can be is sending your dentist a warm thank you Message either through whatsapp or sms. Also one can either drop on the dental clinic to personally give a message along with a dazzling smile, offcourse, that is what they have strived to give you. Even a phone call can brighten up their day.

How you can spread the Awareness:

  1. Show your dentist how you’ve improved your oral health regimen Commit to better dental habits Raise awareness (teach your child a new tooth-brushing song, encourage family and friends to visit their dentist)
  2. Schedule a dental checkup (get back in the office to make sure your teeth are healthy and your habits are on the right track)
  3. Smile (show off your work and your dentist’s work)
  4. Take a picture with your dentist and do a shout-out on your social media accounts Make sure to add the #NationalDentistsDay hashtag to all posts

Important Dental Care Tips:

  1. Brush twice per day for at least two minutes
  2. Floss daily
  3. Visit your dentist twice per year or as recommended by your dentist
  4. Eat a balanced diet and limit eating and drinking between meals

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