Cavities refer to tooth decay, which occurs when specific types of bacteria produce acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel and its underlying layer, the dentin.


According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial analysis (NICDR), the mouth is choked with thousands of bacteria’s, several of that are actually quite useful to the oral surface in the mouth. However, a lot of harmful oral bacteria’s disguisedly take advantage of the sugars you eat to form acids that destroy the enamel, that is that the shiny, protecting outer layer of the tooth. Cavities area unit a microorganism infection created by acids, that cause your teeth to degrade a hole in them. While not treatment, cavities will progress past the enamel and into the deeper layers of the tooth, inflicting pain and can cause tooth loss.

A Conscious  Battle in the Mouth

Your teeth are often under fire by acids, however the great news is that this harm is consistently being reversed. Acids leech minerals from the enamel through a method referred to as demineralization. as luck would have it, the action of remineralization replaces those minerals and strengthens the teeth everywhere once more – and your saliva could be a key player. saliva contains minerals like calcium and phosphates to assist repair the teeth. fluoride is another mineral that helps repair weakened enamel. However, replacement lost minerals will solely do most to prevent the consequences of sugar on teeth if you eat ample sweets and starches throughout the day. Limiting your sugar intake is significant if you wish to administer your mouth a fighting probability to repair the injury.

Ways to Remineralize tooth enamel

Experts at the University of Rochester medical center provide many tips for preventing cavities. additionally to scaling down on sugar, stimulating saliva flow is suggested to assist bathe the teeth in minerals. chewing unsugared gum and incorporating fibrous vegetables and fruits into your diet are sensible ways in which to salivate. Cheese, yoghourt and different dairy farm product conjointly contain calcium and phosphates to strengthen the teeth, and are far better selections for snack time than syrupy or starchy treats. in addition, green and black teas contain substances that facilitate suppress harmful oral bacteria, therefore adding many cups to your daily routine – without sugar, in fact – will facilitate maintain a healthy balance within the mouth.

Finally, fluoride could be a mineral that not only prevents tooth decay, however conjointly reverses it in its early stages, according to the american Dental Association (ADA). therefore drink lots of fluoridated water associated brush frequently with an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste like Colgate Total®, that cleans out sugar-dependent germs for up to twelve hours. The ADA conjointly recommends skilled fluoride treatments from a tooth doctor.

Constant vigilance is the key to preventing the negative effects of sugar on teeth. Encourage your children to limit their sugar intake, brush away bacteria-filled plaque frequently and consume healthy foods that strengthen the teeth. Add regular dental visits and fluoride treatments to the mix, and you and your cherished ones have the simplest shot at winning the battle against tooth decay.

Signs & Symptoms

Cavity symptoms include:

  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity to sweet, hot or cold foods or drinks
  • Pain when chewing


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