5 Popular Dental Myths
5 Popular Dental Myths

Sometimes the line between reality and fiction is well blurred. This is often actually the case when it involves dentistry, where myths and misconceptions are abounded. In an exceedingly bid to place an end to health hoaxes, here are 5 dental myths to mull over.

Sugar is the favorite perpetrator of tooth decay

Sugar can rot your teeth. If you’re a parent, chances are high that you tell your kids this each time they ask for something sweet. And chances are your parents told you a similar thing. There’s no denying that sugar ends up in cavity formation, however it isn’t the amount one perpetrator of tooth decay. Sugar adds fuel to the fire; however it doesn’t light the match.

Going to the tooth doctor may be a Painful experience

There are people that don’t visit the tooth doctor because they assume it’s about to be a painful experience. It’s time to place this myth to rest. New dental technology, developments in anesthetics and analgesics, and additional conservative dental procedures will make visits to 32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic a more leisurely experience.


Bad Breath means that you’re Not Brushing

Poor dental hygiene will cause unhealthy breath, however it’s not the sole factor that may leave you searching for a breath mint. There are several factors that may cause unhealthy breath, as well as unwellness, acid reflux, medication, and dehydration. In addition, generally what you eat or drink will provide you with unhealthy breath regardless of what number times you brush and floss. Next time you order a sub for lunch, skip the onions and garlic.

Bleaching Products Weaken Teeth.

Gels, pastes, strips — there are all types of products obtainable to make our pearly whites even whiter. If used in step with the directions, bleaching products are harmless. They do not have an effect on the health or strength of the teeth, solely the color. At a similar time, an excessive amount of bleaching will cause temporary tooth sensitivity or irritated gums; the enamel, however, isn’t weakened.

You Will understand once you Have tooth decay

This is the kind of false data that may result in serious dental issues. There aren’t any early symptoms of tooth decay. By the time you experience pain, your tooth decay has led to nerve harm, which implies your decay is advanced and intensive. The sole way to recognize if you’ve got tooth decay —and to stop it — is to visit 32 Pearls Multispeciality Dental Clinic twice a year for a routine dental checkup and cleanup.

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